Loading dock equipment products built for safety, reliability and strength




  • Service range of 5” above and 5” below dock level
  • Capacities of 20,000 lbs.—35,000 lbs.
  • Widths of 66” - 78”
  • Mechanical and hydraulic models available

When dock space is limited or the working range of a full size, pit-style leveler is not needed, edge-of-dock levelers are an economical option. Edge-of-dock levelers are available with mechanical or hydraulic activation for smooth and reliable operation. NOVA Technology is proud to offer edge-of-docks with a wide range of models to meet your facility’s needs.

Equipment Specifications

DLM Neverlift™

Available in barrel or torsion spring

  • Materials: High strength steel safety tread plate, 55,000 psi minimum, lip beveled for smooth transition.
  • Projections: Total projection of bumper blocks and bumpers is 15”.
  • Bumpers: Rubber bumpers attached to bumper blocks of high-strength steel plate.
  • Formed center plate for added strength.
  • Lift assist: Steel lever lifting mechanism in conjunction with roller bearings and dual extension springs.
  • Finish: Leveler to be painted machinery gray with orange bumper blocks.
  • Service Range: Capable of servicing trucks 5” above and 5” below the dock.
  • Capacities: 20,000 lbs., 25,000 lbs., 30,000 lbs. & 35,000 lbs.
  • Widths: 66”, 72”, 78”


  • Gray bumper blocks (orange is standard)
  • Rust-inhibiting primer coat
  • Low-profile design (flat center plate)
  • 17” lip for refrigerated trailers with rear step
  • Tapered lip (tapered at sides)
  • Recessed installation packages for mini-pits
  • Wall mounting bracket for operating lever
  • Abrasive deck surface
  • Solid bar handle
  • Edge-of-dock embed channel 10 inches height (highly recommended for new construction).
  • Upgrade to 70,000 psi minimum yield steel safety tread plate on 20,000 lb. capacity units
  • Dock ladder
  • Hydraulic Model — 115/230 VAC Single Phase (Three phase unit also available)

Recommended Safety Equipment for Edge of Docks:

NOVA Truck Lock and Lock & Load vehicle restraint systems help prevent unexpected trailer departure from the loading dock and minimize trailer creep during the loading/unloading process.

Additional information:

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