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NMS Mechanical Series


NMS Dock Leveler
  • Patented holdown assembly allows for full float and automatic release capability wih air ride trailers, preventing failure or damage from overextension
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Yieldable Flip Lip w/ Dampened Return
  • Single Point Spring Adjustment
  • Integral Maintenance Strut

NOVA’s Premium Mechanical Dock Leveler is designed to provide excellent reliability and structural durability at an affordable price. Easy pull-chain operation with a yieldable flip out lip and below dock end load controls makes this full featured leveler a true value.


The leveler is a welded box style construction with piano style lip hinge. The deck and lip are 50-55,000 PSI yield safety tread plate.

The deck is supported by formed steel channels with structural steel headers and toe guards. Lip hinge spools alternately welded to the front header and lip are connected by a solid hinge pin. Continuous 1” rear hinge pin mounted in compression on a structural steel angle supported by (4) structural steel channel uprights allows for 4” of cant with no pinch points.


Easy pull-chain releases the holdown allowing the leveler to raise and extend the lip. Then the attendant walks the leveler down so the lip rests on the truck or trailer bed. Contact between the leveler and the truck or trailer bed throughout the loading/unloading process is controlled by the holdown. If below dock operation is required then pull the front chain which retracts the safety legs and the leveler will lower to the desired position. When complete simply pull the release chain just enough so the lip is off the bed of the truck or trailer and walk the leveler down to the stored position.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and capacities with a standard operating range of 12” above and below dock.

Safety Features:

Equipped with multi-position structural safety legs. Lip is yieldable to accidental impact. Also included are an integral maintenance strut, night locks, and safety marked working range toe guards.

Recommended Safety Equipment:

NOVA Truck Lock and Lock & Load vehicle restraint systems help prevent unexpected trailer departure from the loading dock and minimize trailer creep during the loading/unloading process.


1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty with Additional 4 Year Structural Components Warranty

Additional Information:

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