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SS Series



NOVA SS Series Soft Sided Dock Shelter provides maximum dock protection and full access to trailers while minimizing pressure on the building wall. The SS Dock Shelter has a much greater tolerance to off-center impacts from trucks. Utilizing foam side pads in its construction, it is capable of compressing and bending out of the way of a truck which fails to properly align with the doorway, preventing costly repairs. Designed for door openings up to 12 feet wide x 12 feet high.

  • Cover material and wear pleats are top-grade fabrics providing superior performance and maximum durability
  • Impactable side pad structure protects unit from damage against off-center trailers
  • High-density polyurethane foam provides long life and excellent resiliency characteristics
  • Select grade pressure-treated, kiln-dried wood framing
  • Raked header with translucent fiberglass top provides natural light, permits water drainage, and provides snow load support
  • Flexible fiberglass stays add stiffness to shelter face curtains
  • Aluminum angle face edging on head frame
  • Detachable side curtains and draft pads use Velcro® for easy removal and are re-attachable within minutes for routine maintenance
  • Heavy-duty galvanized mounting hardware
  • 15-inch yellow guide stripe standard
  • Wind straps on head curtain keep the head curtain from being blown out of position
  • All sew lines are locked stitched utilizing heavy bonded polyester multifilament thread with UV protectant for extended life

Available Fabrics:

  • Vinyl - 22 oz., 40 oz.
  • NOVALON™ - 16 oz., 40 oz.
  • NOVA MAX-1000™
  • NOVA MAX-60™

Fabric Colors:

Black is standard - call for other color options


  • Full-height yellow guide stripes
  • Shelter projection—24" standard, customizable to any projection
  • 2" foam front head curtain
  • Pull rope system
  • Hook and loop splits on head curtain
  • Head curtain drop over 54"
  • Frame cut-outs for obstructions
  • Common member units
  • Ground level units
  • Clear roof panels for extra lighting
  • Chain weighted head curtain
  • Spring steel stays
  • Tapered units for inclined/declined approaches

NOVA Dock Seals and Shelters Brochure (PDF)

NOVA Dock Seals and Shelters Specifications (PDF)

NOVA SS Series Survey (PDF)

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