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Vehicle Restraints

Each year, tens of thousands of American workers are injured in forklift related accidents — many the result of the forklift falling off the edge of the loading dock. In a busy loading dock area, this can easily occur due to sloppy parking, trailer creep or premature truck departures.

By securing the trailer, NOVA Vehicle Restraints reduce your company’s risk of physical injury, property damage and downtime in your shipping & receiving department. With a wide variety of models to choose from, our vehicle restraints perform in virtually any application and secure the widest range of vehicles.  The chart below will help you determine which type of NOVA vehicle restraint will work best for your environment:

Decision Criteria NOVA Truck Lock NOVA Lock & Load
Restraint requires little to no maintenance—can be performed by internal staff x  
Restrain trucks other than standard trailers (e.g. lift gates, intermodal shipping containers) x
(Anchor Series required for tailgate)
Avoid truck damage with a non contact restraint x  
Avoid building damage with a restraint that does not attach to the dock wall x  
Reduced energy consumption x x
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership during lifetime of product* x
Over 30,000 lbs. of restraining force x x
Restrain standard trailers x
Concrete drive/approach x x
Asphalt drive/approach   x
Drain located by dock position   x
Core drilling in driveway/approach is prohibited   x
Lower initial installation cost   x

*Average annual maintenance cost for NOVA Truck Lock is $150/year

Nova Vehicle Restraint Selection Guide (PDF)

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