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Truck Lock Accessories


Use as an alternative to plant air or where plant air is not available. Compressor can operate up to 15 locks within a 300 feet maximum distance. Oil-less and maintenance free.

Compressor Wall Mount Bracket

Use to mount NOVA supplied air compressor to building wall.

Concrete Hole Form – New Construction

Place the hole form in correct position prior to pouring concrete for the approach. Form is 10” diameter and comes in 12” sections.

Console Support – Metal Building

Use in a non structural area of metal building wall. Anchors to floor for optimal placement.

Console Support – Open Dock (Stanchion) Kit

Use where there are no walls to attach console. Mounts to edge of dock face.

Interconnect – Dock Door or Leveler

Restraint can be operated normally or interconnected to a dock leveler or door. Set the Truck Lock operating switch on the control box to “Auto.” The ram bar will then automatically raise and lower when the door opens or closes or as soon as the lip on the dock leveler raises or lowers. Dealer must specify type required – dock door or leveler – switch plate and wiring is different for each.

Interlock – Dock Door or Leveler

Cuts power to an overhead door or powered leveler. Until ram bar is raised, the door or dock leveler cannot be operated. Once restraint is raised (ram bar up and inside green light is on), a relay inside the restraint control box is energized, restoring power to the dock door or leveler.

NOVA Juice-E

Available in individual 32 oz. containers or in a case of six.  Replace annually.

Asphalt Kit

Use when installing cast-in model lock with poured concrete walls and non-concrete approaches.

Sensor Switch Kit

When the Rear Impact Guard (RIG) activates the sensor wand, a flashing blue light on the control box indicates a truck is present. Once the truck is restrained, the blue indicator light and a green indicator light become steady, indicating that the truck is safe to load/unload.

Swivel Brackets

Use to guide truck lock cabling around corners or up curb on the dock wall.

Multiple configurations can be used in a variety of combinations:

  • Upper Pulley Swivel Bracket 41-3-912
  • Lower Pulley Swivel Bracket 41-3-908
  • 180° to 270° Swivel Bracket 41-3-903
  • 90° to 180° Swivel Bracket 41-3-906

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