Field Installed Frame

Designed to seal any gap between trailer and head pad.  The drop curtain wraps around head pad starting at the wood frame to the top, coming around the face and back to the wood frame on the underside of head pad.  They are simply nailed into the wood backer of the head pad. The drop curtain is pre-sewn onto the base and hangs independently.  Drop curtains are an excellent way to create a better seal for installation below the head pad to cover lower trucks.

  • Top-grade fabrics provide superior performance and maximum durability
  • Compatible with NOVA FP and FPU models and can be retrofitted into existing competitor units
  • Standard drop curtain from bottom of head pad—12″, 18″, and 24″
  • All sew lines are locked stitched utilizing heavy bonded polyester multifilament thread with UV protectant for extended life


  • Pull rope system for drop curtains
  • 2″ foam-filled drop curtains
  • Velcro® brand attachments
  • Chain weighted drop curtain
  • Wide selection of fabric types, weights and colors
  • Custom sizes or retrofits available