LED Vehicle Restraint Lighting Kits

Our LED Lights Help Prevent Loading Dock Accidents and Injuries!

The NOVA Vehicle Restraint Light Kit is a “Restraint Condition Awareness System” (R-CAS) which provides extra visibility around the dock door for the dock attendant.  More visible than standard control box communication lighting, this system uses multi-colored LEDs around the corners of the dock door to alert dock workers to the safety status at the dock position.  Compatible with most rotating hook restraints on the market.


  • The standard unit utilizes 48″ of RED, GREEN and AMBER*  LEDs in the upper corners of the door to inform dock attendants, supervisors and truck drivers of the condition of the dock from a distance.  *AMBER use is based on OEM fault conditions.
  • Fully programmable LED controller and power supply included in the standard kit.
  • An extended vision (EV) version of the interior lights provide 50% more LEDs than the standard kit providing even greater visibility to the dock position.
  • Optional exterior light wands are available to enhance the truck driver’s view and condition awareness.  Designed to fit where traditional stop & go lights don’t, these wands can be installed at eye-level with the truck’s cab for better visibility.
  • The exterior LED wands are also available to mount directly to NOVA Dock Seals and Shelters when used in tandem on a NOVA dock seal.  These 8′ or 4′ sections also act as guide lights to aid the truck driver to position truck.


Two 1′ x 1′ LED corner assemblies (including aluminum frame and 20′ of cable), one pair of mounting brackets, one NEMA rated enclosure with power supply, and LED controller.


  • Extended Length LED Interior Lights (EV) – includes one pair secondary mounting brackets.
  • Exterior Light Wand – for use in restricted space applications.
  • Alternate exterior aluminum retainer styles available.
  • Dock Seal Light Kit – attaches directly to the NOVA dock seal.  (NOVA dock seal required)