Price Reductions on Select Anchor Series Truck Locks

Due to increased sales volume and a streamlined product line, NOVA Technology is announcing a price decrease for several models of the popular Anchor Series Truck Lock, effective April 1, 2011. Models 101FM, 201P and 201FP all offer reduced prices, with the powered models reflecting the most significant savings — up to 12% for Model 201FP.  Now NOVA can provide even more value when investing in loading dock safety equipment!

NOVA dealers: To reflect sales trends and achieve cost reductions, NOVA has simplified the Truck Lock product line. We now offer a total of eight models — four each for the Anchor and 350 Series. We have updated page 2 of the Truck Lock Price List to reflect these changes and to make it much easier for our dealers to use.

If you have a Dealer registration for our website, please login and download the most recent version (April 2011) of the Truck Lock Price List.  If you have not yet registered for a Dealer Login, we urge you to do so at your earliest convenience. Simply click on "New Dealer Registration" in the lower right corner of our home page and fill out the short form. You will receive your login credentials via email.