Dairy Seals Keep Milk Production Flowing

Did you know that NOVA Technology manufactures specialized dock seals for the dairy industry?  These four-sided seals are used to enclose an opening tpically about 2-1/2 feet wide by 4 feet tall for a milk tanker truck to back up against.  Milk from dairy cows that has been instantly cooled in holding tanks inside the facility is transferred directly to the tanker. A good seal is necessary to prevent debris from contaminating the transfer process.

Recently the owners of a Wisconsin dairy farm with 1400 cows underwent an inspection and were notified that in order to continue operation, they needed to replace deteriorated seals at their three truck bays.  They were given less than a two week timeframe in order to complete the renovation.

Professional Dairy Services Inc.. in Waunakee, Wisconsin contacted NOVA about the urgent situation and we were able to manufacture and ship the three seals so they could meet their customer's deadline.  Installation went very smoothly, and the customer was able to avoid any interruption of their farm's milk production.