NMS Mechanical Dock Leveler

NOVA’s NMS Series Premium Mechanical Dock Leveler is designed to provide excellent reliability and structural durability at an affordable price. Easy pull-chain operation with a yieldable flip-out lip and below dock end load controls make this full-featured leveler a solid value.


  • Patented holdown assembly allows for full float and automatic release capability with air ride trailers, preventing failure or damage from overextension
  • Simple operation with a cam and roller counterbalance system assures smooth dependable walk down
  • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant with lip support strut that also allows convenient servicing of the lip
  • Yieldable flip lip w/dampened return
  • Single point spring adjustment
  • 5-year warranty

Full width rear hinge in compression with structural channel rear frame supports.

One point adjustable main spring assembly with roller and cam construction.

High strength piano hinge construction and lip extension mechanism.


The dock attendant pulls the release chain which releases the holdown and allows the leveler to rise and the lip to extend. The attendant then walks onto the leveler to lower the leveler and lip to the bed of the truck or trailer. Contact between the leveler lip and the truck or trailer bed is maintained throughout the loading/unloading process by the holdown. If below dock operation is required, the front pull chain is pulled which retracts the safety legs and the leveler will lower to the desired position when walking down the leveler. When loading or unloading is complete, the release chain is pulled to raise the leveler and lip off the bed of the truck or trailer. Once the lip has fallen pendant, the attendant walks onto the
leveler to lower it to the stored position.


The platform is constructed of 1/4-inch thick four-way high tensile 50,000 minimum yield A572 safety tread plate. The platform is reinforced and supported by full-length 6-inch high formed C channels for 25,000-pound Comparative Industry Rating (CIR) capacity to 40,000-pound CIR units, full length
6-inch high structural channel for 45,000-pound CIR units and full-length 6-inch high structural channel and I-beams for 55,000-pound CIR units.

The supports are welded to the deck, front and rear headers for full structural support. The front and rear header plates are 1/2-inch thick x 7-inch high hot rolled steel. NOVA NMS series lips have a four-way safety tread plate, the 25,000-pound CIR is 1/2-inch thick, and the 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000
and 55,000-pound CIR are 5/8-inch thick. The standard lip length is 16 inches on all capacities. Hinge tubes have a 1  3/4-inch outside diameter (OD) × 5/16-inch wall, 1 7/8-inch OD × 3/8-inch wall or 2 1/8-inch OD × 1/2-inch wall depending on CIR. All lip hinge pins are M1044 steel 1-inch in diameter. Steel header gussets are standard on all models 35,000-pound CIR and above. All units have grease fittings
as standard. All platforms are designed to compensate for up to 4-inches of the canted trailer bed.


  • Dual pivoting cross-traffic legs for multi-position safety at dock level and below
  • Self-contained lip control yields under impact from incoming trucks
  • Built-in lockout/tagout maintenance inspection strut
  • Working range safety toe guards and night lock security
  • Lip keepers for cross-traffic support and automatic night lock security against theft


  • Levelers painted gray


  • Two laminated 4-inch 1014 bumpers are standard.  6-inch 1014 bumpers are optional


NOVA’s NMS Series Dock Levelers offer a variety of sizes and capacities with a standard operating range of 12 inches above and below dock.


  • 18-inch or 20-inch lip
  • Full range toe guards
  • Weather seal—rubber or brush
  • Optional bumper sizes and types available
  • Pan unit (4-sided) or pit kit (3-sided)
  • Three-wheel support
  • Other options available—consult NOVA