NHS Hydraulic Dock Leveler

NOVA’s NHS Series Premium Hydraulic Dock Levelers incorporates the use of hydraulics to raise and lower both the platform and lip. A single push-button activates a hydraulic pump for operating both the leveler platform and lip cylinders.


  • Easy push-button operation for smooth, consistent operation with a hydraulic system that provides for full float at all positions
  • Positive lip extension and retraction with true regenerative hydraulic control
  • Operating range of 12-inches above and 12-inches below dock
  • Full-width rear hinge mounted in compression with structural channel support
  • Velocity fuse hydraulic fail safe stops platform with 1 to 3-inches in free fall situation
  • Subframe design allows for easy quick pit clean out
  • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant
  • 5 -year warranty

Full width rear hinge in compression with structural channel rear frame supports.

Push-button operation for smooth, consistent operation with a hydraulic system that provides for full float at all positions.

Optional integrated control panel for leveler, restraint, and door. Many other options available.


The push-button is depressed and held activating the hydraulic system that lifts the deck from a stored position. When the deck reaches the fully elevated position, the lip cylinder is activated extending the lip assembly. The attendant releases the push-button when the lip is fully extended and the deck descends to the trailer bed. The lip will rest on the trailer bed and the deck will float with the trailer (12 inches above/below dock operating range). After loading/unloading is complete, the attendant depresses the push-button lifting the leveler from the trailer bed. The push-button is held until the lip falls pendant and then released allowing the leveler to rest in the lip keepers.


The leveler is a welded box style construction with piano style lip hinge. The deck and lip are 50-55,000 PSI yield safety tread plate.

The deck is supported by formed steel channel with structural steel headers and toe guards. Lip hinge spools alternately welded to the front header and lip are connected by a solid hinge pin. Continuous 1” rear hinge pin mounted in compression on a structural steel angle supported by (4) structural steel channel uprights.


The platform is raised by a main hydraulic cylinder; all hydraulic hoses are routed under the leveler platform, away from debris.  The ramp cylinder is a hard chrome-plated double acting design with a 3-inch bore for 25,000 pound—55,000 pound CIR units, a 4-inch bore for 75,000 CIR units, and two 4-inch bore cylinders for the 100,000 CIR units.  The main cylinder is equipped with a velocity safety stop to limit free fall of a loaded platform to 3 inches.  Lip operation is controlled by a hard chrome plated cylinder having a 2-inch bore and is fully yieldable.  The motor pump is mounted up for easy access and to clear debris in pit and includes a translucent reservoir for monitoring fluid level.


The hydraulic power unit motor is a 1.25 HP TENV at 120V or 208V single-phase or 208V, 230V, 460V, or 575V three-phase. The electrical control panel is NEMA 12 enclosure. All electrical components, connections and wiring are UL listed or recognized.


  • A velocity fuse limits the unit to a 1 to 3-inches drop in a fully-loaded free fall situation
  • Full range telescoping toe guards close off sides even in highest position
  • Built-in lockout/tagout maintenance inspection strut
  • Lip keepers for cross-traffic support and automatic night lock security against theft


  • Levelers are painted grey


  • Two laminated 4-inch 1014 bumpers are standard on the 25,000-55,000 pound CIR units
  • Two Laminated, 6-inch 1014 bumpers are standard on the 75,000 and 100,000 pound CIR units



  • 18-inch (standard on 75K-100K units) or 20-inch lip
  • Auto-return to dock
  • 5-inch safety barrier lip
  • Weather seal—rubber or brush
  • Optional bumper sizes and types available
  • IntelliDock Combination control box
  • Three-wheel support
  • Pan unit (4-sided) or pit kit (3-sided)
  • E-stop/independent lip
  • Other options available—consult NOVA