NAS Air-Powered Dock Leveler

NOVA’s NAS Series Premium Air-Powered Dock Levelers incorporate the use of a low-pressure, high-volume air system to raise and lower the platform. A single push-button activates the air-powered system to raise the leveler and extend the lip. This simple, very reliable design requires only minimal maintenance.


  • Environmentally friendly air operated system provides for full float at all positions
  • Easy push-button activation
  • Single-phase 115V motor with simple button control
  • B410-14 laminated dock bumpers
  • Automatic lip extension with yieldable lip
  • Low maintenance design
  • Full-width rear hinge
  • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant with lip support strut
  • 5-year warranty

Low pressure 115V/1PH fan motor provides a high volume air supply to reliably activate and position leveler.

Dependable lip extension via unique lip latch mechanism is fully yieldable if impacted by backing trailer.


The push-button is depressed and held allowing the electric blower to fill the air bladder which raises the platform. When the fully yieldable lip extends at the top of the cycle the button is released allowing the extended lip and platform to lower onto the trailer bed. Upon trailer departure, the lip can be
retracted and the unit restored to a safe cross-traffic position. In-use and stored positions are achieved without manual operation. Operable range is 12-inches above/below dock level. Platform is allowed to automatically float up and down with trailer movement.


The platform is constructed of 1/4-inch thick four-way high tensile 50,000 minimum yield A572 safety tread plate. Platforms are reinforced and supported by full-length 6-inch high-formed C channels for 25,000-pound Comparative Industry Rating (CIR) capacity to 40,000-pound CIR units, full length 6-inch height structural channel for 45,000-pound CIR units and full length 6-inches high structural channel and I-beams for 55,000-pound CIR units, all welded to the deck for firm structural support.

Front and rear header plates are 1/2-inch thick × 7-inch high hot-rolled steel. NOVA’s NAS series lips are four-way safety tread plates, the 25,000-pound CIR is 1/2-inch thick and the 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 55,000-pound CIR are 5/8-inch thick. The standard lip length is 16-inches on all
capacities. Hinge tubes are 1 3/4-inch outside diameter (OD) × 5/16-inch wall, 1 7/8-inch OD × 3/8-inch wall or 2 1/8-inch OD × 1/2-inch wall depending on CIR. All lip hinge pins are 1-inch diameter M1044 steel. Steel header gussets are standard on all models with 35,000-pound CIR and above. All units have grease fittings as standard. All platforms are designed to compensate for up to 4-inches of canted trailer bed.


Electric blower motor is 115V single-phase, 1400-watts drawing 11 amps at startup. Electrical control panel is non-metallic NEMA 4 enclosure. All components, connections and wiring are UL listed or recognized.


  • Dual pivoting cross-traffic legs for multi-position safety at dock level and below
  • Full range yellow telescoping toe guards close off-sides even in highest position
  • Built-in lockout/tagout maintenance inspection strut
  • Lip keepers for cross-traffic support and automatic night lock security against theft


  • Levelers painted gray


Two laminated 4-inch 1014 bumpers are standard; 6-inch 1014 bumpers are optional.



  • 18-inch or 20-inch lip
  • 5-inch safety barrier lip
  • Weather seal—rubber or brush
  • Optional bumper sizes and types available
  • IntelliDock Combination control box
  • Three-wheel support
  • Pan unit (4-sided) or pit kit (3-sided)
  • Other options available—consult NOVA