Dairy Seal


Dairy Seal—designed specifically to enclose a hatch door, this four-sided seal is made for milk tanker trucks to back up against.  Milk from dairy cows that has been instantly cooled in holding tanks inside the facility is transferred directly to the tanker.  A good seal is necessary to prevent insects, pests and debris from contaminating the transfer process and to meet FDA inspections.

  • Typical hatch opening measures 34″ x 34″
  • Standard pads have a 12″ face and back
  •  10″ or 12″ projection
  • Single layer 22 oz. Vinyl or 40 oz. Vinyl
  • Top-grade fabrics provide superior performance and maximum durability
  • High-density polyurethane foam provides long life and excellent resiliency characteristics
  • Foam is bonded with high strength adhesive to select grade pressure treated, kiln-dried wood framing for long-lasting installation
  • Heavy-duty galvanized mounting hardware
  • All sew lines are lock-stitched utilizing heavy bonded polyester multifilament thread with UV protectant for extended life


Dock seals can significantly improve the energy efficiency and environment control of buildings, reducing costs.  They provide an effective barrier against the elements, keeping loading dock dry, safe and efficient.

Dock seals and shelters also provide a positive seal between internal and external environments.  They prevent the passage of dust, insects, exhaust fumes and other airborne contaminates while the loading dock is in use.


NOVA Dock Seals are constructed from high-density polyurethane foam and solid wood.  We offer a variety of cover materials in different fabric types, weights and colors.  All options are top-grade fabrics to provide superior performance.


Dock seals help avoid safety and productivity problems associated with unprotected openings, such as:

  • Employee discomfort
  • Energy loss
  • Theft or security concerns
  • Product damage or contamination
  • Insect infiltration
  • Slippery or dangerous dock conditions


  • Custom sizes available
  • Stainless steel brackets and hardware