Dock Sentinel™ Safety Gate

NOVA Dock Sentinel™ Safety Gates are durable, reliable and safe. They are easy to install and  operate and provide an effective barrier for personnel and equipment working near open dock doors, truck loading docks or other dangerous areas.

Overhead door damage is often the highest  maintenance expense at busy loading docks. The safety barrier gates are placed in front of the dock door to protect the dock door and door tracks from collisions with forklifts and to prevent pedestrians from walking off the dock. The safety gate should extend the width of the door. When the gate is open, the full width of the door is available for pass-through.


  •  Lower barrier construction of ¼-inch wall ASTM A500 structural steel tubing
  • Powder coated in highly visible safety yellow paint
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Flex hinge design dissipates impact energy to withstand multiple impacts from pallets or pallet jacks
  • Economical—priced lower than other gates providing similar or lesser protection
  • Easy installation—simply anchors to floor
  • When open, gate provides a full door width pass-thru clearance
  • For added safety, barriers secure in the upward position with self-engaging latches

Prevents damage to overhead door tracks and panels

Provides three functions in one-dock door protection, door track protection, and pedestrian protection

When open, gate provides full door width pass-through clearance


Part Number
Gate Opening Width
Vertical Clearance
Load Stopping
Withstands repetitive impacts without need for repair
Up to 100
impacts of 2000 lb. load at
Up to 100 impacts of 1900 lb. load at 3 MPH
Up to 100
impacts of 1800 lb. load at
Dock Door Protection
Lower impact barrier with patent pending shock absorbing flex bushings and flexible center interlock
Door Track Protection
Vertical stanchions provide protection to 42” off floor; yellow gate arms provide visible alert to 98”
Pedestrian Protection
Upper barrier is 42” high and supports 200 lb. weight in any direction per OSHA Standard 1910
4 x gas spring balanced arms meet NIOSH requirements for operator force less than 50 lbs. 


The NOVA Dock Sentinel Safety Gate is a manually operated gate style barrier. When dock use is required, the NOVA Dock Safety Gate is opened by simply lifting the gate into an upright position until latched with very little effort. When dock use is finished, each side of the gate is unlatched and lowered back to the closed position.


The uprights are constructed from 1/4 inch thick A-36 steel, formed and welded into a custom 6 1/2 inch web × 10 3/4 inch flanged channel for maximum door track protection. The channels are welded to 3∕8 inch thick A-36 steel base plates and anchored to the floor with a total of (8) 5∕8 -11 × 4 1/2 inch long anchor bolts, included. Both arms of lower barrier are made from A-500 Grade B rectangular steel tubing, 5 × 2 × 1/4 inches thick, and joined in the middle when the gate is closed with a 14-inch long saddle. The saddle is a formed and welded channel made with gussets 1/4 inch thick A-36 steel. In addition to the saddle, there are also interlocking glad hands made from 1/4 inch thick A-36 steel to provide additional impact resistance. The hinges for the lower barrier are contained within an energy absorbing polymer for maximum impact protection with minimal damage to the barriers, material handling equipment and product. An upper barrier constructed from A-500 Grade B square steel tubing, 1 1/2 × 3∕16 inches thick, is provided for status at a glance visual indication when the gate is closed and to keep pedestrians from tripping over the lower barrier. Both sides of the gate are independently powered with a total of (4) gas springs resulting in minimal manual lifting force to raise or lower the gate and latches are provided on each side to positively retain the gate in the open condition. The entire gate is powder coated safety yellow for optimal visibility and durability.


  • Prevents pedestrians from walking off the edge of the dock
  • Powder coated in highly visible safety yellow paint
  • Barriers secure in the upward position with self-engaging latches