Loading Dock Lifts

From ground to dock and back again – Adjustable loading and unloading at any height!

The NOVA Dock Lift is the most versatile way to serve the most varied fleet.  By keeping the loads level, loading and unloading is safer and easier than ramps and steep inclines, and utilizing almost 5′ of travel height, NOVA Dock Lifts can service almost any vehicle or trailer you back up to them.

the advantages of a nova dock lift

When the loading area just doesn’t lend itself to a dockleveler or Edge-of-Dock, take advantage of a NOVA Dock Lift.  Safer than ramps and inclines, faster than manual loading or unloading, and less expensive than a recessed truck well, the NOVA Dock Lift can be a smarter way to go.

Built to last

NOVA Dock Lifts are manufactured to withstand all types of weather.  Constructed with structurally reinforced heavy-duty steel platforms that minimize deflection, and their wide stance and rugged base construction to create one of the most ridged and stable dock lifts in the industry.  Both the NOVA NDL6x8 and NDL6x9, 5,000 lb. and 6,000 lb. capacity units come standard with a galvanized base and legs for added protection even in the harshest environments.


  • Diamond tread deck for improved traction
  • Pre-wired power unit and control panel
  • Maintenance strut supports lift for servicing
  • Bevel toe guard platform
  • Diamond tread hinged throw-over plate with lifting chain
  • Removable steel handrails with mid-rail
  • 4″ side kick plate and safety chain
  • Conforms to ANSI MH291 Standards
  • NEMA 4 push-button control pendant with 20′ coil cord
  • Oversized, low pressure hydraulic cylinders
  • Flow control valve with adjustable lowering time
  • Excess flow protection for controlled decent of lift in the unlikely event of a hydraulic line rupture


  • Grade level access ramp (for above ground lifts)
  • Accordion skirting or roller shade
  • NEMA 4 enclosures
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluid
  • Mechanical wheel chock to prevent fork truck from inadvertently rolling off lift while elevated
  • Upper travel limit switch – mounted and wired
  • Warning bell with flashing light
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
  • Other bridge plate sizes available