NOVA and Dealer Help School Board with Budget Crunch

As the 2010/2011 school year was drawing to a close, a Board of Education located in Illinois discovered that they had unused funds remaining in their building maintenance budget. They wished to use the money to replace an old, dilapidated seal and bumpers at the loading dock of their administration building. The challenging twist was that they only discovered the funds on May 8, but the seal needed to be completely manufactured and installed by May 20 or the job could not be included in this year's budget.

The Board contacted their local dealer, Industrial Door Company of Elk Gove Village. Knowing that lead time for seals can run about three weeks, Industrial Door immediately called NOVA Technology. Fortunately, NOVA keeps materials in stock for emergency situations just like this. NOVA was able to produce the seal and ship it along with the bumpers in just about a week, allowing Industrial Door to install and complete the job within the Board’s deadline.