Think You Don’t Need a Truck Lock? Think Again!

Oftentimes our dealers hear from customers that vehicle restraints aren’t necessary – that they are more of a “luxury” item at a loading dock. Or they believe that all vehicle restraints are the same. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes an accident or near miss to convince them otherwise.

A representative from Fallsway Equipment Company, a NOVA dealer in Akron, Ohio personally witnessed one of these near misses. Fallsway recently installed new seals, Truck Locks and levelers at a customer’s site and were following up. While there, a truck driver began to pull away from the dock while a worker was still unloading the trailer.

Employees in the dock area tried to signal the driver and stop him but he continued to attempt to pull away. Because the Truck Lock held, the worker inside the trailer was able to safely exit to the loading dock. Meanwhile, the driver eventually managed to bend and then actually break the trailer's ICC bar in half – but the Truck Lock remained firmly mounted in the approach. The customer was so impressed with its performance that they ordered more units for an additional site.

Incidents like this occur on a frequent basis at loading docks all over the country. Don’t wait for an accident to happen — protect your employees, equipments and assets with a Truck Lock vehicle restraint.