Truck Lock™ – Low Profile – Cast-In Style (Lifetime Warranty)

The NOVA Truck Lock™ vehicle restraint keeps dock operations safe and secure during loading and unloading. Trucks and trailers are held firmly in place by a high-visibility barrier-style ram bar which can withstand a pullout force of over 30,000 pounds to prevent accidental separation from the loading dock during the cargo handling process. The 7 1/2 inch version is the lowest stored height of any restraint in the industry, allowing service to a wider range of truck types.

The Cast-In style housing is designed to be embedded into the concrete drive. This installation method provides years of trouble-free service without any damage to the building, unlike other restraints that attach to the dock wall.  The zinc-plated housing is completely self-contained and is designed to handle the harshest of loading dock environments.


  • Lifetime Warranty – longest warranty in the industry
  • Versatility in handling a larger variety of trucks
  • Installs at more nontraditional dock types
  • Low maintenance design, very few moving parts
  • 7 1/2″ retracted height for use with lift gate and steep decline approach
  • Non-impact design
  • Manual or powered versions
  • LED inside and outside light communication package
  • Can withstand over 30,000 pounds of pull-away force
  • Ram bar yield strength of 100,000 psi
  • Zinc-plated finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance
  • All activation components mounted inside the building
  • Small foot print


After the truck/trailer backs into position against the dock bumpers, the dock attendant switches the Truck Lock™ to the RESTRAIN position activating the restraint. The outside light turns red and inside light turns green, and after verifying the ram bar is above the RIG (Rear Impact Guard), the attendant may enter the trailer. When the attendant has completed the loading/unloading process, switch the Truck Lock™ to the RELEASE position deactivating the restraint and lowering the ram bar. The outside light turns green and inside light turns red.


The restraint is activated by turning a switch or moving a slide bar on the control console to the RESTRAIN position. The ram bar is raised by a high-strength, nylon-coated, aircraft-grade stainless steel cable and guided over heavy-duty pulleys with shielded bearings. The switch controls a pneumatic cylinder that actuates the cable and is located inside the building within a powder-coated steel enclosure. The mechanical version uses a slide bar located inside the building within a powder-coated steel enclosure to actuate the cable. Powered operations require air from a plant system or small compressor. Air must be dry and clean, and at a minimum of 80 psi and maximum of 130 psi. Air usage is approximately 0.02 cubic feet per operation. The duration of a normal power stroke is about two seconds.


The vertical ram bar is made from 4-5/16″ wide by 1″ thick ASTM A-514 Grade B plate with minimum yield strength of 100,000 psi. The housing is constructed from 6″ x 3″ x 1/4″ ASTM  A500 Grade B rectangular steel tubing, capped with a ram sheath cast of 55,000 psi minimum yield strength steel and fully welded to the housing tube. Half-inch thick gussets made from 36,000 psi minimum yield steel is welded to and reinforces the housing tube  and ram sheath. The housing is embedded 27″ into the approach with 4,000 psi minimum concrete.


The control box comes with a 6-foot power cord factory installed. The drop cord can be plugged into any 120VAC 60Hz outlet and only draws 0.5 amps. All components are UL listed or recognized for industrial use. All LED lights (interior and exterior) operate on a 12V  circuit. A qualified electrician is not required to install a Truck Lock™ as they are considered low voltage, however, always follow local ordinances and codes to determine actual site  requirements..


Outside Signal Lights: Constant flashing red or green LED lights indicate to the driver when it is safe to back into or pull away from the dock

Control Box LED Lights: Built-in lights on the control box show constant flashing red or green LEDs with symbols to inform the dock attendant when it is safe to begin loading/unloading


  • Full communication package with signage and inside/outside red/green LED lights in opposing mode
  • Audible alarm built into the control panel alerts the dock attendant to potentially unsafe conditions


  • Compressor/wall bracket
  • Truck sensor
  • IntelliDock Combination Control Box (powered versions only)
  • Interlock with leveler or door
  • Open dock stanchion
  • Metal building mount kit
  • Rebar Installation Kit for asphalt or non-concrete approach applications (Cast-In style housing only)
  • Swivel brackets for unique applications